Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In class on Tuesday I completed my first jump animation and began working on my final cylinder animation. Repeating the steps to attach the joints to the cylinder was a bit tricky at first, as I forgot to add polygons to vertical portion of the cylinder to allow it to bend with the joints, so it was all warped. However, Blyth pointed out the problem and I was able to move forward from there with little difficulty. The only other issue that came up was that the cylinder would turn instead of bend the other way during its jumps. I rectified that problem by adjusting the pole and adding additional keyframes between where the cylinder would switch from bending one way to the other to make sure that it would straighten out first before bending the other way. Another minor thing that I had to be aware of and adjust was making sure that the cylinder didn't fall bellow the ground line when it hit the floor between jumps.

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