Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yesterday in class I began by attempting to create a space/planetary scene; however, when I discovered that I could not resize my character, I abandoned the idea because the planets would simply have to be far too large for me to create. I switched to a cityscape idea. I created a rough city from cubes and textures and mapped out a flight sequence with my character through the city. I played with arcs, rotations and camera angles to further simulate the feel of flight.

Once the flight path was completed, I attempted to manipulate the joints of my character to move his arms and legs in flight; however, I discovered that somewhere along the way the joints had irrevocably unbound themselves from the mesh. I successfully rebound the joints to the mesh, but the hypernurbs object became a null object, somewhere along the line, so I couldn't turn off hypernurbs to weight the joints.

Alas, I am stuck at this point.